A day to remember in festival history, 2nd issue of the festival took place again in Kübana Gazinosu but this time with 1500 attendance. 


There were more live performances and more DJs and more music! 

Turkish legendary psych-folk band BaBa ZuLa closed the night with their epic performance. The synth-pop duo Jakuzi played their first album Fantezi Müzik which was the best album of Turkey that year. 

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Electronic-folk trio Islandmand hit the night with their 1.5 hours energetic performance. Dark-pop band Kim Ki O played a stunning performance just before their new album. The surf-rock band Palmiyeler which was the host band of the festival flamed the day. 


Soul-funk producer Kerem Akdağ, old school hip hop producer NoFrost, indie culture magazine Bant Mag. and subculture music platform Apeiron Collective were the guests of the DJ booth. 

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poster by Fırat Itmeç